The Loscher Family established the Loscher Greenhouse in 1960's.  During their ownership, they developed a concept for their greenhouse. the first greenhouse business in Lima.  It was located within the city limits at the corner of Woodlawn and North Shore Drive.  As business increased, the city, considering the greenhouse an eyesore, paid the Loscher family to move the business. The 42 acres on Bluelick Road was a perfect location and the business moved to the country.  

The greenhouse would later be  sold to the Cosart family (actually this is Kelli's The Florist at Forget-Me-Not, husband's cousin. Kelli and Todd, her husband, had not met)  At this point a name change took place and the 42 acres would become Bluelick Greenhouse.   The business would sell again to the Shafer Family.  

In 1995, a life long dream of Greg Austin would be realized as his family, his dad, Gary, his mother, Jackie, his sister, Kelli, would purchase the greenhouse and begin operation at Forget-Me-Not Garden Center and The Florist at Forget-Me-Not. 

Greg, already a graduate of The Ohio State University Agricultural Technology Institute in Landscape Design and Greenhouse management, would bring his Columbus work experience back to the Allen County area to Forget-Me-Not Garden and Floral Design Center.    A dream was fulfilled!  As work began, it truly became a family affair.   Gary would make room in his full schedule of farming and working a full time job, to help at Forget-Me-Not.  Jackie, would eventually retire from The Ohio State Extension office to work full time in the office at Forget-Me-Not and lending her keen design eye to projects.   Kelli, would also help at the greenhouse and the time she would spend at the Greenhouse would eventually help her make her college choice. She, too, would graduate from The Ohio State University Agricultural Technology Institute in Floral Design and Marketing.

The Austin family decided as Forget-Me-Not Garden Center and The Florist at Forget-Me-Not was born, it would be the premier Greenhouse in Northwest Ohio; providing excellent customer service, expert knowledge and superior designs.   As the next generations prepare to take their place in Forget-Me-Not Garden Center and The Florist at Forget-Me-Not's history, our family cordially invites you to check out the pages of our website and extend our invitation to visit our 42 acre dream come true.   See you then! 


The Austin Family