Forget-Me-Not-Garden Center seasonally has three mulch colors:  Black, Dyed Brown and Natural Triple Shredded. Protecting your investment, your landscape, is crucial and mulching is an very inexpensive way to help your landscape beds in several areas:  Moisture, weeding and amendments.

Mulch preserves the moisture in and around the plants in your landscape beds.  Watering is essential but during the summer months, long dry spells are very possible and homeowners are forces to water.  Mulch helps to capture the and hold moisture and cuts down on the expensive watering bills.  Mulch also cuts down on weeding.  Depending on the type of gardening you wish to do, you could treat your beds with a preemergent herbicide prior to mulching.  This will help prevent the growth of weeds or you can simply install the mulch and spot kill or remove the weeds as they emerge.  Mulch also degrades into a wonderful amendment to your soil to help insure the soil has the proper nutrients to maintain the health of the plants in your landscape.



                      Black Dyed 

Our Bobcat holds 1 cubic yard and that fits into a small pick up truck.  If you need help figuring the amount of mulch you need for your project, please give us a call or ask one of our Greenhouse Associates for assistance when you come out to pick up your mulch.

Mulch Delivery

Not enough time to get things us and we will delivery your load of mulch to the location you designate on your property.  OR we can install the mulch for you...please let us know how we can help!!

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