We have over 700 varieties of Perennials on site arranged according to sunlight requirements so you can easily select the proper plants for your landscape.  Each year, Greg and Kelli look though perennial varieties and select new types which will thrive in our growing zone.  As a locally, family owned facility, we, personally, are able to make these selections ourselves which insure the best possible plants for our clientele.  We are not bound by shipments selected by a home office,  purchased in bulk and dropped at all store locations, regardless of growing zones.  Your perennials are an investment we take seriously. The selection offered at Forget-Me-Not Garden Center thoughtfully chosen. Carefully placed perennials will add value and beauty to you home as these plants mature. We, at Forget-Me-Not Garden Center want to help your investment grow!!  Below are just a few of the new arrivals for 2010!!  Stop in and we will show you our unique collection of Perennials!

We have many new varieties of hostas this year:  Rainforest Sunrise, Fried Bananas, First Frost, Tattoo and Great Escape, just to name a few!!  We have our complete list of Hosta varieties on our Facebook page!!!


  Coral Bells (left)                                                                  Yellow Knock Out Roses                                                                                              Tree Peony


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