New Plants for 2013


Pink Lemonade, Golddust, Papaya, Blackberry Punch, Large Eye Impatients, Black Velvet, Phantom, Pinstripe...Ah, yes, the new arrivals have made quite a splash.  Each year Greg and Kelli order in new plants to tantalize their clients.  This year's additions certainly help create visions of beautiful potscape arrangements and landscape additions.  Check back here for continual spring updates!!



Every year we select an eclectic variety of perennials for our clients.  This year is no exception.   We have the best and most unique selection in the area.  Stop out and let Forget-Me-Not add, plan, design and/or plant your landscape!!


            Echinacea Green Envy                         Bleeding Hearts                                                  Echinacea Mango Meadowbrite