Forget-Me-Not Garden Center has a variety of soils and additives to prepare your beds, gardens and pots for new planting each season.  Please ask any Garden Associate the questions you might have so you can select the proper soil amendments for optimum grow for your plants, trees and shrubs.  



Our Mulch is locally produced and we have in bulk stock, Natural Dyed and Natural Black Dyed Mulch.  Locally produced mulch bulk mulch is a excellent choice to help sustain your landscape investment.  Mulch at a depth of 4 inches helps to hold moisture which will cut down on water costs and it helps stunt weed growth.    Mulch produced and bagged out of state, brings with it all the pests, diseases from that area which could potentially devastating your landscape.  Call us today and we will help you calculate how much you will need or we can deliver it to your location!!